Friday, May 13, 2016

WORKSHOP: The Self Portrait Deconstructed

A painting and mixed media workshop 

All levels welcome

Saturday, June 11th  
11am - 5pm
Bring lunch / light snacks provided
London District Studios
8 London Road, Asheville, NC.
For registration information write to

I can dream myself awake mixed media self portrait on canvas 20" x 20"

Self-portrait painting is so fun! Yet, many people get queasy at the thought of painting their own image. I invite you to embrace your personal history and creative perspective through this workshop which explores a process-oriented approach to self-portraiture.
Students will develop basic drawing and painting skills and construct expressive interpretations of themselves. Working from a mirror, students will amass a large variety of sketches and studies on paper emphasizing basic drawing skills, mark-making and color-mixing. Later, students have the option to cut up the sketches and compile them into new mixed-media compositions. 

From left: Hannah Hoch, Frida Kahlo, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Caterina van Hemessen

This exciting and exploratory workshop is open to artists of all levels. I will have art materials available but students are encouraged to bring their own, plus a mirror. A drawing board or tabletop easel is also recommended.

Required materials list:

* A mirror that can be propped up or that stands on it’s own.
*A variety of papers such as: poster paper, mixed media paper, tracing paper, canvas paper, 
Bristol board, and scrapbooking papers
*Several stiff substrates of any size but no smaller than 8” x 8” eg: Canvases, wood panels,
illustration board, canvas boards
*Heavy Body Acrylic Gel Medium

Other: (Instructor will have supplemental materials available)

Charcoal, ballpoint pen, 2B pencil and eraser
Soft bristle flat brushes – assorted sizes
Chalk pastels, colored pencils, markers
Glitter, decals, tissue paper, wrapping paper, decorative paper
Acrylic paints: heavy body, fluid and/or high flow 
Scissors and/or Exacto knife
Cutting mat
Containers for water, paper towels, paint palette


Contact me at with questions and to register. 

Advance registration is required and class size is limited. 

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