Wednesday, May 25, 2016

June Exhibitions


June 10 - July 5

London District Studios
8 London Rd. Asheville, NC

Opening reception is Friday, June 10 (6-10pm)

                                                 "Armament" acrylic and mixed media on canvas 30" x 40" 2016
Confetti marks my first solo exhibition in Asheville since 2012 and I'm delighted to have it in Asheville's new creative space, London District Studios located in an up-and coming industrial neighborhood right around the corner from Biltmore Village.
The paintings in this show are abstracts and landscapes that explore the continuum between biological processes and the mechanized modes of production. When making them, I consider how the materiality of paint can contribute to a narrative - such as the foreboding quality of a drip or the puddling of paint on the canvas. Elemental gestures, dribbles and amalgamations are conveyed in synthetic color to suggest corporeal terrains teetering between celebratory and sick.

More information here.


a thing re | sembling a win•dow

May 20 - June 25

Asheville Area Arts Council
Grove Arcade, Asheville, NC

Opening reception is Friday, June 3 (5-8 pm)
Performance and panel discussion Thursday, June 9 (6-7:30pm)

I'm thrilled to present an iteration of my Self Exam project as part of this amazing group art exhibit, curated by Dawn Roe of Window re/production re/presentation. The work I am presenting is a site-specific installation comprised of over 1,000 printed reproductions of self portraits that I've produced since July 2013. (You can see some process shots here.) Other artists' work will include sculptural fabrications, analog photography, screen prints and performance.


Southern Draw

June 10 - July 10

474 Gallery
474 Haywood Road, West Asheville

Artist reception is Friday, July 8 (5-8 pm)

"No Retreat, No Surrender" acrylic on paper 11" x 14" 2016

Southern Draw is a series of exhibitions featuring drawings and works-in-progress by regional artists. My contribution is 15 works on paper interpreting a pool party scene from the 80's B-movie, No Retreat, No Surrender. The drawings illustrate recurring motifs and stereotypes presented in commercial media, and convey the awkward in-between moments of social situations. 
Other Southern Draw artists are: Nora Hartlaub, Hoss Haley and Ron Laboray.


Haen Gallery (ongoing)

52 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC

My impressionistic oil paintings of people in public spaces are on view at Haen Gallery in downtown Asheville and Brevard, NC.

TV Party 36" x 48" oil on canvas, 2016

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