Monday, August 3, 2009

There is Little Sense in having Arrived Anywhere

There is Little Sense in Having Arrived Anywhere acrylic and oil on canvas 2004

I'm happy to finally share a photograph of the mural installation I completed in December 2004 at Aftermath Gallery in Seattle WA. I cut a 5ft x 12 ft canvas into 32 panels, (only 28 are pictured above) installed them on a grid, and sold them off separately. Half the panels sold in Seattle; the rest eventually sold to collectors and friends in Asheville, NC.

The painting was created over the course of six months on a large piece of raw canvas that I stretched directly onto my studio wall. I used over fifty images from books and magazines for visual reference. In order to save expenses on shipping the piece to Seattle, I decided to cut it up so it would fit in my suitcase. Conceptually, this turned out to be an apt metaphor for gentrification and the division of urban communities across the U.S.
The title of the painting is borrowed from David Wojnarowicz. 

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